Chief Instructor
5th degree black belt and former member of the ISKF US National Team, Mr. Ali Mohajerani has trained for over 30 years, beginning with one of France's most famous instructors, Jean Pierre Lavorato. He had extensive training at the JKA headquarters in Tokyo with many of the world's top instructors - the late Master Nakayama and Masters Asai, Abe, Tanaka, Osaka & Yahara. Silver medals at two JKA World Championships and several East Coast & National Championship titles are only a few of his awards - his students are the true measure of his success. Son of a famous preacher and philosopher, Mr. Mohajerani brings to the art not only excellent technical skills but a rare insight towards teaching and coaching. He is dynamic, enthusiastic and understanding, and he believes in giving each student individual attention and feedback. His total dedication is inspirational.

Senior Instructor
Ms. Elizabeth Dunford is the co-founder of the BKC and one of the few 5th degree JKA black belt women in the world. She has made history by winning seven consecutive US National titles (1988-94) and for having received three Japanese Ambassador Cups for Best National Competitor (awarded for excellence in both kata and kumite). Ms. Dunford was also Pan American Champion in 1989 and 1991. She was a member of the ISKF US National Team since 1987, and as captain led the US Women's Kata Team to a second place victory in the 1994 JKA World Shoto Cup.