Traditional Shotokan karate-do (the way of the empty hand) is a system of unarmed self-defense movements using a variety of blocks, punches, kicks and strikes. It is a Japanese martial art characterized by strong focus (concentrated movements of energy), made possible by full hip motions and total body commitment. Shotokan karate was founded by Master Gichin Funakoshi in 1922 when he brought it from Okinawa to Japan.

Shotokan is different from many other styles of karate. Instead of thrusting the beginner immediately into actual sparring situations where injuries may happen and little real learning can occur, Shotokan karate emphasizes a thorough understanding of basic techniques before allowing you to advance to more complex moves. Even when training at the beginner level, you will find this to be a dynamic form of exercise. With a gradual understanding of how power and speed are generated and controlled, you are then able to effectively apply your techniques.

Shotokan karate also places a strong emphasis on character building. The overall goal of this traditional martial art is to make us better human beings through hard physical training and adherence to basic rules of respect for one another.