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Many of our teachers will be taking days away and I've arranged for subs
in their absence. thank you for always supporting the studio,
even when your "favorite" teachers are not there


Carol teaches on Thursdays at noon
and the last class of the month is always devoted to Restorative Yoga
Please come to her class on June 29 at 12 noon

Quiet the the body...nourish the spirit...
Shed stress and anxiety...renew focus and energy

Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra can help us navigate the stress and busyness of modern life. They ground our attention in the body, and draw us to a still center within--a center that can stay calm no matter how wild the storm. It takes time to let go. Well supported by bolsters, blankets and blocks, calming poses are held longer to facilitate deep release and relaxation without effort. Guided meditative imagery also can alleviate stress, fatigue and insomnia. Body, mind and spirit feel rested and renewed.

Carol has studied Iyengar yoga with Patrica Walden for decades and is a certified Kripalu Yoga teacher. Her teaching is influenced by a life immersed in women's health, herbs and India travel, and a belief in the body's inherent wisdom.

Children's music classes will begin in the fall Plan ahead by registering
online today at

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