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Our experienced teachers are able to tailor their classes accordingly, and they typically introduce beginners to yoga within these mixed level classes. You may of course contact us to inquire which would be more suitable, according to your own abilities and needs, but rest assured the instructors will take good care of you!

KAREN WENC / Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar is a style of yoga which emphasizes anatomical precision and alignment to promote both strength and flexibility. Its use of props (such as blocks and straps) helps to enable students to more readily experience the essence of poses (asanas).

Karen Wenc has been a student of Iyengar yoga since 1981, and has been teaching for over 18 years. A former competitive runner, swimmer and cross-country skier, Karen's teaching style emphasizes developing strength and flexibility to prevent sports-related injuries. A Brookline resident, Karen teaches full-time throughout the greater Boston area, and has taught at the Yogashala in Santiago, Chile among other international venues. Karen is a longtime student of Patricia Walden, who Time Magazine called one of yoga's "leading luminaries."

Karen's illuminating classes provide you in-depth, technical cues on how to fully experience the asanas, while keeping your mind present as she describes the eight limbs of yoga and decodes obscure Sanskrit terminology. Towards the end you will be busy floating off to some other time and space, at which point she brings you back with her tiny bells to close out the class. Invigorating, mindful and relaxing.


Vinyasa Flow integrates the true traditions of Yoga, from those that focus on the holding of poses or asanas for many minutes - breathing and achieving the meditative benefit of the pose - to those traditions that emphasize movement from one pose to another in flowing sequences. This creates a very different experience both physically and mentally, allowing the student to ease safely through poses while maintaining a deep awareness of the breath and the self. All Vinyasa classes emphasize the precision and care of Iyengar Yoga while incorporating the movement and heat-building of Ashtanga Yoga and the therapeutic focus of Viniyoga. Vinyasa Flow is performed in a peaceful, open space with no heat. Through flowing practice, heat is naturally and safely created within the body to warm, soothe, heal and strengthen from the inside-out.

Balance & Breath Vinyasa is a mindful, challenging practice that encourages the use of props, modifications and therapeutic alignment to develop a greatly nourishing and personal practice for each student. We use meditation and breathwork to develop the non-judgmental mind, the bandhas, or yogic locks, to awaken and ignite strength from the inside line, isometric work to nourish the joints, and mindful transitions to bring awareness to the body moving. Caro's teaching is founded in the anchor of raw experience, encouraging each student to meet themselves where they are. Open to all levels.

Carolyn (Caro) is a long-time student of Hatha Yoga, Integrative Nutrition, Developmental Psychology and Dance, and holds an advanced Instructors certification with YogaWorks in NYC. Through Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Caro incorporates a deep physical practice into an inspirational class that highlights the benefits of awareness and the process of yoga coming into, maintaining, and moving out of a pose on the breath over the goals of simply perfecting a pose. Classes are founded upon graceful and continual movement that generates a natural warmth and release in the body, strengthened and deepened through advanced breathing techniques and pranayama.

Caro is a graduate of Wesleyan with a major in International Affairs, a passion for children and their rights, a world traveler and fluent in French (she is half French). She is a patient and passionate teacher who loves to work with students from all backgrounds and all levels of practice. Through her early work in nonprofits and international welfare service, Caro grew a deep respect for the role of personal boundaries in daily life to acknowledge and accept our capacity in the moment allows us to develop and progress without force or harm. This idea of development through self-awareness inspires all of her classes, and serves to deepen both the challenge and healing art of all yoga practice.

LINDA DEL MONTE / Joyful Yoga!
Linda has been practicing yoga for over 30 years and teaching since 1999. A certified Kripalu yoga teacher, Linda has also studied Iyengar, Ashtanga, and Anusara yoga. She is grateful for the many teachers who have inspired her and who continue to offer guidance and inspiration, including Arthur Kilmurray, Jennifer Harvey, John Friend, Desiree Rumbaugh, and Chandra Cantor. Linda‘s teaching emphasizes finding alignment in the body, using the breath to balance energy, and remaining in the spirit of the heart. Her passion as a teacher is to guide students toward inquiry, love, acceptance, and contentment - to connect with their true self. 

ANNIE HOFFMAN / Iyengar Yoga

Annie has been teaching yoga since 1988 after a Kripalu teacher training. Her studies have continued in Boston with Patricia Walden over the past 20 years. She went to India in 1994 and was certified that same year. Other than Iyengar yoga her influences are experiential anatomy, yoga philosophy and poetry. These days her classes combine awareness development through movement, surrender and relationship building. Her interests have been teaching children, elders, women and everyone in between.

Sarah Jane is engaged in a long-term study of yoga, Buddhism, and psychological inquiry through the Insight Yoga Institute. She has been practicing yoga for over ten years and completed two yoga teacher trainings, including the YogaWorks method of vinyasa flow with Natasha Rizopoulos and slow flow with Barbara Benagh, and attended yoga workshops with teachers from across the country. Right now she is particularly interested in the history of yoga in the west, and using yoga to improve the symptoms of chronic conditions (as well as chronic conditioning!). Beyond her yoga and meditation practice Sarah Jane spends time editing books, playing guitar, and traveling.  

Sarah Jane’s Mindful Yoga is characterized by mindful use of the breath, flowing sequences of common poses that give way to deep static holds, and a pace that allows attention to the details of each moment. Linked lunges, dynamic Warrior sequences, deep twists, and exploratory forward folds are treated as opportunities to gain insight into physical and mental habits and capacities. To complement this practice in self-awareness, Sarah Jane encourages self-acceptance. Under such conditions and over time, physical and mental transformation is not uncommon. Modifications are integrated into the sequencing so all sorts of students, even those who are working with injuries or vulnerabilities, can practice safely. With a clear voice and a down-to-earth manner, Sarah Jane encourages people to explore, rather than conform, in their practice. 

GAIL KEELEY / Slow Flow Yoga
Gail Keeley has been studying and practicing yoga since 1993.   She is certified by two master teachers, Barbara Benagh and Erich Schiffmann and began teaching in 1999.  She is certified and registered with Yoga Alliance at the 500 hour level.    Gail draws on many yoga traditions to find the approach that best serves her students.  Gail continues to study with Barbara Benagh, Erich Schiffmann, and other master teachers like John Schumacher  and Doug Keller.   Alignment, use of the breath, and the mind/body connection are emphasized in her Slow Flow classes.  Her knowledge of Aurveyda, a long-held interest, also informs her teaching.

She sees herself as teacher and learner, a mix that keeps her yoga teaching and practice fresh.  She hopes her students learn patience, persistence, self-acceptance, and the joy of yoga through her teaching and example.   She is enchanted by nature, and sees the oneness of all living things reflected in nature every time she looks. 

CAROL DENSMORE / Nourish & Restore
Carol Densmore has studied Iyengar Yoga with Patricia Walden and Annie Hoffman for decades and is a certified Kripalu Yoga teacher. Her teaching is influenced by a life immersed in education, women’s health, herbal healing, and a belief in the body’s inherent wisdom. She has traveled extensively in India. She interweaves these experiences in her classes, Western and Eastern practices, as well as discipline and playfulness. She creates a welcoming atmosphere for students, guiding them to develop an inner compass, to learn what is best for their bodies. Her individualized attention and adjustments allow each student to move forward in their own level of practice. 

Hatha has become a general term that includes many styles of yoga. Its literal translation means “force or effort.” Transformation is sought through the effort of the physical body—-yoga poses, breathwork, and meditation. In this way, students build strength and equilibrium. “Force” also suggests opening channels of life energy that allow us to walk through the world with greater resilience and vitality.

KATHY KATES / Strength and Renew
Start your week off with a treat! Sundays mornings Kathy is thrilled to bring this unique offering teaching us to use our bodies intelligently through a mix of yoga and barre. Moving mindfully will help to bring balance and strength in the week ahead!
Kathy currently works as a bilingual Family Nurse Practitioner at a community health center in Waltham where she specializes in women’s health and the pelvic floor. In recent years, Kathy has continued to expand her knowledge base by studying myofascial release with John Barnes (PT) and Biomechanics with Santosh Karmacharya at Om Namo Center. Prior to her medical training, Kathy was a professional musician, playing locally with the Boston Pops and also traveling the world. Her two career paths, while disparate, have both served to foster a lifelong curiosity about the body from a biomechanical perspective. Her passion lies in educating others on how they can function optimally in order to live their happiest and healthiest lives. She is also a proud mother, wife, and breast cancer survivor.


After more than 15 years of study and teaching in the Zen martial arts, Keith transitioned from martial artist to yoga student and teacher.  For more than 10 years, he studied a variety of yoga traditions before deciding to focus on the Iyengar method with its attention to detail and alignment.  This was probably due to his training and experience as an engineer.  He is a registered teacher (RYT 200) with Yoga Alliance and is currently working on his Iyengar certification.  Keith enjoys helping students deepen their practice through the development of stronger, more relaxed postures and achieving heightened mental concentration while in the pose. He encourages each student to find the joy in their practice and discover the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of practicing yoga.